Not For Naught

It's a great big problem, and I don't know how
I can get the whole thing figured out without you now
If my world just crumbles, and I fall back down
Would you help me pack my things on my way out of town

This is not for naught
I can give more than I've got when I'm with you
When I'm with you
And this weight can wait
I'll still try when it's too late because of you
Because of you

It's a strange, unsettled world out there, I must confess
That I'm not sure how I ended up in this whole mess
If I count my blessings, take it all in stride
Will you keep me company when I have lost my pride


It's a short and hurried life we live, and when it's through
I will say I'd do it all again because of you
When I meet my holy maker, and He asks me how I've done
I will say I might have lost the race, but Lord I sure did run


Music & Lyrics: Copyright Libby Koch 2008
Barn Burner Artwork: Copyright Hatch Show Print 2008
All Rights Reserved