Baby I don't ever say the right thing
Even if it happens to be true
I don't imagine you'd like to forgive me
It's not like it's the hardest thing to do

I just need a little redemption
In the eyes of the man I love
Cause I can't make it without you
We're not meant to be alone
Do you think it's better on your own?

It's not like I ain't used to being lonely
It's just that I'd prefer to be with you
I'd like to say I think things could be different
Can't change the past to something new


Tell me it ain't over
Tell me that I'm the only one
Won't you tell me you love me
The way you did before?
I can see it in those eyes that I adore

Babe you know I never say the right thing
But sorry should have never gone unsaid
If you get a moment please consider
These words I'm singing now instead

Do you think we're better off alone?

Music and Lyrics Copyright 2009 Libby Koch, All Rights Reserved
Album Artwork Copyright 2009 Hatch Show Print, All Rights Reserved