Too Damn Hard

I have walked through the desert to find you
I have waded the river so wide
Climbed a mountain so high
That I near touched the sky
And I crashed to the valley in time

Now I wonder which way we are going
I don't recognize this stretch of road
Everything that I need
Ain't the same as my dreams
Is forever is far as it seems

And does it have to be this hard
Am I making this much too damn hard
Will I ever find out who you are
Could you show me what love is for starts

I don't understand much I've been given
I have never been this far from home
Lord I don't know quite why
That a fool such as I
Would deserve any piece of the sky

There are times that I've felt like a stranger
I've admittedly badly behaved
In the spaces between
These things haunted my dreams
Is heaven as far as it seems


Music & Lyrics: Copyright Libby Koch 2010
Shadow of This Town Artwork: Copyright Hatch Show Print 2010
All Rights Reserved