Walk Away

I try not to remember, but I see it clear as day
Heading down the road when you were begging me to stay
I thought it was important to find something that was true
I was not aware that it just happened to be you

Yes we've all walked away
Why is it so hard to find the perfect thing to say
When we've all walked on by
I've always wondered why
I'll never know quite why

I can't say why I couldn't tell somebody what was wrong
Scared to death you'd find out I was crazy all along
I suffered there in silence thinking I was so alone
Now I can't help thinking that I wish you could have known


When it really comes down to it, we're all trying to figure out
What to grab a hold of and what life should be about
As for me I've always struggled with the way things used to be
Causing me to go on past what's right in front of me


Music & Lyrics: Copyright Libby Koch 2010
Shadow of This Town Artwork: Copyright Hatch Show Print 2010
All Rights Reserved