Here By My Side

I think I've loved you forever and a day
You drive me crazy but in the nicest way
I don't know what the future's gonna do
But there's a few things that I can promise you

You might not change
But I might
And I can damn sure guarantee that I will pick my share of fights
Hey life ain't fair
That's alright
Just as long as you stay right here by my side
Just as long as you are here by my side

I'm not quite sure what it is you see in me
When I'm with you I know who I'm supposed to be
We might argue 'bout who is right and wrong
But in the end we know we'll still get along


It's like we blinked and the years have come and gone
We try to slow down but life keeps moving on
You're my true companion, you're my friend
We're meant to be, and on that you can depend


Music & Lyrics: Copyright Libby Koch 2010
Shadow of This Town Artwork: Copyright Hatch Show Print 2010
All Rights Reserved