The whole house is empty
There's not much left for me to do
I've packed up my whole life
And I'm starting out anew

I'm on a highway back to Houston
And I bid farewell to Tennessee
Goodbye neon lights and long nights
Goodbye, my love, to you and me

I'd like, love, to see you
And I'd like to say goodbye
And I'd tell you that I wish you
The best things in this life


And I tried my best to find you
It seems you left so long ago
Because the man that you've become now
Just ain't the one that I used to know

Well I'm talking in circles
Cause I've moved on, all the same
This sad resolution
Of the age old lovers' game


You might think I'm talking crazy
I guess you bring it out in me
I just have to say I miss you
At least the way that you used to be


Music and Lyrics Copyright 2009 Libby Koch, All Rights Reserved
Album Artwork Copyright 2009 Hatch Show Print, All Rights Reserved