Lonesome Bound

Booked me a ticket to get out of the city
Can't clear my head in this old town
I admit that it really is a pity
How I need to have so many people around

Just to hear the sound
When the wheels are turning but they don't slow down
I hear the sound
Of your voice inside my head
I hear the sound
And I keep replaying every word you said
I hear the sound
And I'm lonesome bound

I've been drowning in a sea of doubting
Just feeing sorry for myself
Wonder if I'll ever stop pouting
Long enough to get my pride off the shelf


One of these days I'll tell you a story
'Bout the lonesome road that I have known
Blindly searching for the lights of glory
But I just can't find it on my own


Music & Lyrics: Copyright Libby Koch 2010
Shadow of This Town Artwork: Copyright Hatch Show Print 2010
All Rights Reserved