Ready Now

I know I let you down
You trusted me and I played around
And I know that you've been waiting
And you've been loving me so long
My heart's fear is now abating
My loneliness is gone

I'm ready now (X4)

It wasn't that long ago
There was nothing you didn't know
But how quickly I, I slipped away
You needed more than I could give
How I'm wanting yours to be my way
Cause apart from you, baby, I cannot live


It's funny how you kept a hold of me
When I would not look your way
And it's quite amazing how you set me free
How my heart longs to stay here with you, baby
I'm gonna stay right here with you


Lyrics & Music Copyright 2009 Libby Koch, All Rights Reserved
Album Cover Artwork Copyright 2009 Hatch Show Print, All Rights Reserved