Still in Love

When I say I love you, I want to scream it from the mountain
Feel it pouring like a fountain in my heart
And I can't say I'm sorry, because I wouldn't really mean it
I put a lot of space between it from the start

Cause I am still in love with you
Did you think that I would tear this thing in two
In a way that only faith and time can do
You know that I am still in love with you

Take apart a moment, and it'll stick with you forever
You know I'd like to think I'm clever, but I'm not
And I won't break a promise, and I can't invent a reason
But I'd get down on my knees and beg a lot


Well I ain't good at romance, and I sure ain't good at lying
You know it feels like I am dying here today
Give me just one chance love, give me one last hope to cling to
I've got a thousand songs to sing you if you'll stay


Music & Lyrics: Copyright Libby Koch 2010
Shadow of This Town Artwork: Copyright Hatch Show Print 2010
All Rights Reserved